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This is a discussion on thrice99 within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol, hes in losttime what did u expect, how many of them actually know how to play thier characters??[/b] Stfu ...
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    lol, hes in losttime what did u expect, how many of them actually know how to play thier characters??[/b]
    Stfu pls , U cant expect from peoples who recently got into this game to kill like pro ... if u really wanna get nice fight .. tell me ur class and i'll figure out something .. cause i am non geared atm to kick ya ass from my char !

    And on topic .. when affair with those gb&#39;s and Dfalt started .. i gave out Dfalt our vent info , he talked to Rick ( who was still leader then <3 ) and Thrice got kicked outa clan w/o one word said . Just to make things clear .

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    Thrice, you should change your name to luvstospooge.

    I think just about everyone knows now that you sold the account.

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    Finally he is or he is not a scammer ? Someone could show me some proof ?

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    lol glad to see my name on ares was destroyed...its a fucking game... the point is to lvl your character, buy or farm for items, and pk... not scam other people for there hard time and work that they have spent. you got a lvl 70+ account, if you can&#39;t make money on your own, then i suggest you find a new game to play.

    just want to thank wolf, thanks ryan or whoever the fuck owns the account now... i believe you were suppost to get a name change after you bought the account with the kc i left you. Yes i was the original owner of thrice99, and yes it was sold a while ago, as i&#39;ve said before... just because i dont play on ares anymore, doesn&#39;t mean that i dont know what goes on. I hear about a lot of the shit you do...

    just to clear things up for some people, i&#39;ll make this short and to the point,
    thrice99 is my old the lvl 70+ account that apparently has been scamming people, i still own the dcz account (thricey99) which is stripped and is not logged onto anymore.

    i basically stopped playing ko for a while because the koxp was pissing me off, and i was just to busy with college to even play. Whenever i did have some free time, i would log on just to talk to clannies or fuk around in arena, and that was about it. Then one of my real life friends sold his lvl 80 account (no saying any names) so that really made me decide to sell. I ended up talking and befriending the buyer of the lvl 80 account and he asked me if i would join his clan just for my np, so i did, and he knew that i was selling the account. From that point on, the account remained inactive until it was sold. I think i signed on the account 1 or 2 times after this point. The deal went down, the buyer was trustable and didn&#39;t give me any problems. It was my fault for not logging on the account before the final deal to disband from clan... sorry

    with that said, now maybe most of you will see that i was the real owner... just because my account on ko4life says joined aug 7, 2007 doesnt mean anything

    my best advice, if the rogue thrice99 is trying to buy something off you, dont be a retard and sell him anything unless you want to be number 3 on his scamming list, i hope that you see that you cant trust someone who is an immature punk

    ohh and something i forgot, he has told people ingame that he is me. he tells them that the account never got sold because the buyer tried to chargeback his money. there was an incident already where this happened so he could get in one of my old clans so he could scam people. he even pmed me on ko4life and asked me if i could get him in infinity / losttime with my old clannies after i heard about everything...thats another little detail that shows he is a lying shit

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    thricey is thrustable ... i share his thrice account at ares ... chitins shard ... best items ^^ best man ^^ best character ...
    what u wantt ? 100% gg

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    Weren&#39;t you supposed to be banned from ko4life Spit aka Dfalt ?

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