MANES orc clan DEFECTIVE shitload of 65 + and some 70 , and guess what )))))))) 7/24 koxp at tyons , 1 guy is already 71 and they keep koxping , thats fuckin nice , but GM's have no time to check some common koxp spots , they just have time to touch them selves -.-, so lets wait them to get lvl 80's maybe , cause they all got premium , and the most popular that clan koxpers are : BronzePremiumUser,GoldPremiumUser,SilverPremiumUse r , well GL manes cz when defective enters it , good luck the legit ones , if there are some , cause even top clans are using koxp , like noobies , i love ur mama , and some others , K2 FTW !!!!