Hi I logged in today after like 3 weeks since i made a trade with JD for my papers9 (4 pieces)by than for like 80$,

Today , again like 2 weeks later I logged my priest in again, and i find my iron set, roc+1 dual, lilli+2 ( loosk +1 ) dual +- 10gb from storage sweet kiss wirinom 7 and all my other crap GONE,and my char has been delelveled to 80 70% FROM 81 40%, but thats the smallest problem for now, if anyone plays ronark or knows somebody who has anything to do with this please let me know, because I will have to find those fags who stole my items i play in holland and i already got some suspects (im pretty sure it was bl4nqoo aka yme) but have to talk to them first

Any information is welcome, if ya information leads directly to the hackers ya'll be rewarded

Thts its for now