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U ever see this type of KOXP?

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    This cheating occurs in the lower levels of the Pathos abyss
    I go farm at phantoms a lot to get $$$

    here are some screenshots to show u wats goin on.

    Every time I go to farm at phantoms these guys are there. These are Chinese KOXPERs, NOT TURKS.

    wat i think is happening is that the sin is using the Z and skill+R buttons to kill the phantoms. He always attacks the target closest to him even when his priest is under attack.

    The priest sits down and ALWAYS heals the sin after a certain increment of his health has been taken away. So this guy is obviously using autoheal

    If you look at SS #2 the priest is still healing even when the sin is dead. When the sin dies (which doesnít happen unless i intervene) the priest just starts sitting down and standing up as if the “C” button was being spammed. The priest just starts healing herself when the sin is dead.

    THESE GUYS ARE HERE 24/7, and they never stop. This KOXP is hard to catch b/c Iív never seen a sin koxp and Iív played since ROFD. If you just look at these guys for a second they would look like a normal priest/melee party. But, if you sit around for long enough uíll start to realize that there is a pattern.

    Iív also seen a noob merchanting in moradon that is in the same clan as the sin in the screen shots and he has been merchanting a crapload of +9 Dex accesses, a very high number of abyss gems (around 300), and around 30 BUSís. ill get a SS of that and post it later.

    Im wondering if this is a new type of KOXP, if u donít believe me hop down to phantoms in the abyss on Pathos server. Ill try to make a video too.

    Plus, I cant kill these guys cause im human. I got the sin killed by stopping the priest from healing by trading with her :P but then they caught up to me and blocked trades. Iív figured out a luring system where u atk a phantom right before the priest heals (b/c phantoms agro on healing magic) and then the phantoms attacks her and usually kill her.

    If ur an orc on pathos, stop by abyss once in a while and kill these guys ! :lol:

    O ye, i forgot. the these guys never draw agro for some reason unless they attack... whenever i walk up to a phantom w/o a TS it immediately aggros on me. It's like these guys are wearing TS's but not wearing em...

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    can you tell me what phantoms drop please? =]

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    Lol.. i killed that priest 2 times... im from pathos orc btw... :P they just wont give up...
    btw the phatoms only attacked me after i attacked the humans... maybe it only attacks people who attacks.

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    warriors sins priests and even mages can auto nova and kosp nothing unusual

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    Hate those mofo&#39;s :/ but I can&#39;t really see from the SS&#39;s that they KOXP.. >.< (not saying they dun koxp) but yeah :angry:

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    as i said many times, a chinese koxp has been out for months now, i know a friend of mine who uses it


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