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Warning for all

This is a discussion on Warning for all within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; my accounts are all linked to my same email i was trading a priest to him on and didnt realize ...
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    my accounts are all linked to my same email
    i was trading a priest to him on and didnt realize what linked accounts do
    this was all last night
    today he change my email pws (which i got back) and ocmpletely changed all my G1 account info
    i was just on REstes and got DC'd
    signed back on and my PW was changed and i cant get my G1
    i dont have any SOLID proof except my wortd
    The name Shinu, he was in IronWolves on Carnac West. He is the only one who had any idea what any of my account information was
    The items stolen include....
    lvl 69 warrior named REstes, skele belt, +3rv HB, roc, +2wht dragon
    he will soon have my other accounts as well im sure.

    so i guess im done with this game, thats too much to recover from for me
    he can go to hell, which im sure he will

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    notice he took the info about his char affiliations off

    dont trust him, gms u should mark his ip or w/e u can do on this site'

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    Moved to proper section. Sorry for your loss!

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    First off, I never took the information about my character affiliation off, and this is just blatantly retarded, you assume I somehow stole your account that I knew no information about after having helped you get it entirely back once you gave it to me due to your retardation.. I had access to every single account you owned, and I did nothing, I guided you through the steps to recover each and every single account.

    Please look more into a subject before you throw accusation around -- I deleted you off contacts due to your stupid accusations already.

    Re-added you and trying to re-find MSN convo history.. Hell, why don't you post that - if I did something against anything I currently said then that should convict me right?


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