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WeAreSoSorry NP Transfer

This is a discussion on WeAreSoSorry NP Transfer within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; In case you haven't seen that topic in KO official forums. The 2 WeAreSoSorry players party a NP transferer, ...
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    In case you haven't seen that topic in KO official forums.

    The 2 WeAreSoSorry players party a NP transferer, while they go and hide somewhere. They gain the NP the NP transferer is getting and think it will go unnoticed.
    It starts to get suspicious when you see them having no kills but they are close to 800 NP gain.

    So go and bump the topic, Me personally I don't like any of I hope their clan gets disbanded and those 2 players banned.

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    those 2 players should be banned if it's proven that they did np transfer.

    also, what if their clan leader didnt know about that, why would they suffer a clan disband?

    personally, i know their clan leaders and few members and they r really nice ppl, one of the rare fair and friendly turks, who r in same time skilled players.

    2 cheaters doesnt make the whole clan cheaters i think... and believe me, they r in top 5 karus clans cuz they have been together so many years, unlike pc or osmanli and rw ppl that hop from clan to clan.

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    If you look at the screenshots, you have your proof right there. Clearly they are partied with the person NP transferring because there is no way they can go up that much without killing anyone, and with no riotes/atross in bowl.
    And I'm saying disband the whole clan because as the Notice was made on the Ko Official site
    "Any players found cheating/NP transferring would be banned and their clan disbanded."

    So I'm encouraging the GM's to do the job. I have already send both links to Calimaestro, Peregrine and Linus in a PM, and have encouraged a couple other people to do the same, this way they can bring some consequences for them.

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    I tried to take the pics after every couple of kills so you could see the jump in nps with the transferer. Of course it was MUCH easier to see it happening live (fraps woulda been better, but k2 doesn't accept anything but KSC so it was useless) but it's still obvious that they're leeching the np transferer.

    ps. note in the first pic the chat box. I noticed the transfering earlier but i brought it to my parties attention when we was at 408 np which I type before the list of kills. Then count the number of kills, it was a party of 3, and then check the np when I ss'd.

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    Good news Calimaestro is taking this Issue into his hands
    Guess all our PM's finally overwhelmed him and he decided to deal with it.


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