WizKid aka scammer from ko4life , scammed the real owner of Skragg warrior from Ares and he decide to sell it in ko4life , so i pm'd him and told him what he want and he said SS+0 + MD +8/80 , i said wtf so cheap? well now i know why , unfortunately he scammed the real owner of Skragg , he knew the payment history and he gave me that to prove its him , today after the real life friend of skragg ( real owner ) told me Skragg going to get the account back by proving the account payment history , so well i didnt took chance and transfer all the items , i sold accounts + items to buy items for this warrior and i guess i fuked up i have no char to play now.
Infinity clan warned me many times after i bought that somebody name " Show " scammed this account but well i didnt knew really , i bought it legit way from scammer and now me and the real owner fucked up.
WizKid didnt logged on msn after i had the info of the account and changed all , he didnt logged to ko4life , and now i waiting for Skragg real owner , i not scammer so ill give him the account fast if he pay me 24$ for the premium , or give me items / coins for it aswell.

Anyway , just be careful from this WizKid.

Sorry for bad English hopefully you understood