D1 server restarted, so me and my priest killed HQ without any problem.
Our friend told us SQ was in swamp so we went and i started to kill it, DT was behind it.
Then XantauS came and provoked the DT and about 4 trolls to my priest, we survived and killed the SQ.
We then went to TK and i started, he put on his sheild and started binding DMs close to me and my healer.
After, he started to trade spam my healer.
XantauS then provoked the AK spot onto my healer to cancel his heals, he is in KnD clan, but i do not think
they are all bad as his priest was sleeping the dms and aks :wub: .
After all of this he denied doing it.
All im saying is watch out for this guy, dont trust him and some of the guys in his clan MIGHT be dodgey <_< .