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Zanolity tried to scamm me!

This is a discussion on Zanolity tried to scamm me! within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; He pmed me that he want to trade his anatolia warrior for my Ressurection warrior. We had deal and the ...
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    Default Zanolity tried to scamm me!

    He pmed me that he want to trade his anatolia warrior for my Ressurection warrior.

    We had deal and the deal was that because he has 0 posts here he send me all info first and then i give him info to my warrior.
    He pmed me that we can do our trade and send me his info, i changed password but i changed it to his email and i dont have acces to this email.

    He send me then password to this email but when i try to log it it was locked to his phone number so he send me this code from his phone number.
    Then (i think he still has opened page with his char informations,in this moment i still didnt change old info)i gave him all my info from my warrior.
    Then someone (probably him) dced me from his account, but i fastly logged back and saw that he bought 2200kc (probably for gold prem)
    then i got dc again, so i quickly change password and dced him.

    So this is story how this guy tried to scamm me.
    Sorry for my english.

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    dude you have no shame of what doing? besides rob me everything I had, ALL, battled to take what you had and took the min, So why is a former member, but okay, God punishes whom deserves

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    I'm begging you to 5 hours on skype you to give me what shot me,know what it's like picking 1m by 1m to buy things, And you take it all at once from my hand

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    @zanolity what are u trying to say? With 2 posts u cant even do nothing. Scammers goes to helll! @small so u have 2.2k kc for nothing, am i right?;D

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    Story sounds fishy, you admit he gave you all infos first even code from his phone which means you had time to change everything. you can't get codes that fast and if he already had it why wouldn't he have prem in the first place if he is planning to scam you. Why would he come on here saying you took everything from him (didn't have any posts so doesn't need to protect any reputation) if he tried to scam you. I'm just saying to me something doesn't add up. Should have screen shots of conversations would help both sides.

    PS-Alex it doesn't matter how many posts the person has people abuse it all the time because they have low posts they don't get the benefit of the doubt.

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