they are almost 3 years old , i frapped them at the beginning of 2006, i though my movies already dissapeared, but thanks for let me know they are still alive.

I was talking to Kenneth aka PriestDrO, he is right now in the same place that im living and we were talking about the old times, he actually is the only one who saw how bad and slow is my computer and video card , you should ask him, how the hell i did or play with this shitty pc , i wish i could have frapped my best fights but it was imposible to fight the best players even using gamecam, i cannot complain i had really fun, and it's really sad how this game is going down so bad.

i just can't imagine how bad most of the rogues are after they got that cooldown patch, would be nice to see what rogue is owning the server, i heard a lot of "good" players quit the game after that patch came out, coincidence? .

00000000 is the only that proved everything in this game, people can hate him or love him but he is and always will be the best no matter what.

cyrus really i love your movies xD

Cheers im going to drink.[/b]

chusco come back to pwn plz!!! and i will sponsor u with a new good shit pc :lol: