your and idiot and know nothing about xigenon.
97% of these +9 items are 100% legit
tioc has owned the castle since day 1 of xigenon. therefore duwolfy has racked in amounts of money that you cant possibly fathom. duwolfy buys up all the market +7 chitins, +7 shells, +7 everything high class basically and hands it out to his clan and they all upgrade it and make +9 shit from it, its not that hard to make +9 chitin, if you have at least 5 pieces of +8 chitin and 5 trinas you can gurantee yourself a +9 out of that.
like i said before, dont speak of your nonsense, you know nothing about xigenon. if anything were all laughing at you.
thats that.[/b]
Your right I dont know much about xig, but I know a lot about this game and your retarded to believe its possible to have so many "legit" +9 items in a single clan which continualy gets raped in inter server wars. I wont deny there is a possibility for a high class +9, but to have over 10 +9 high class items in 1 clan? lawl

A +9 high class out of 5 +8's? Don't you think someone from older servers would have done that already? Your just a sheep, keep believing the lies they feed you we honestly dont care. If it's so easy I will be waiting for your fraps of those upgrades.