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anvil <3

This is a discussion on anvil <3 within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; he is a chicken... edited chars ftw oke...
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    he is a chicken...
    edited chars ftw oke

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    Originally posted by Restricted
    200 dex rest in hp? come on guys quit thinking with ur asses :lol:

    k a mage with nvoa, being a chicken, 200 dex, some hp stats, also int stats to get 1.9k mana as hp doesnt add mana when u are mage/priest

    his nick is i have some long dong

    shown on merchant chat :wub:

    edit: or not, the name is not just on top of char

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    are you all dumb? this is not legit.......
    want proff? i got 3
    1) it already got elemental ffs
    2) look in the info box.. break , break, break.. ( prolly few more) suceed.. which means....
    3) he had 4848076524 shards +7 ready for upg.. break break.. hey guess what it worked... ffs
    look.. on the ss his inventory clear becuz all the fuking other shards went bye bye on the anvil.. ><
    and yet there's the fucked up stats thing...

    bottom of the line- this ss proof shit.

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    ok, its a lvl 60+ mage,with 200 dex, the rest in hp, thats why can use shard and has 1k hp unbuffed/unclothed, beside, might also be using hp jewelry so nothing surprising about that hp. mp is ok for the lvl.

    the fact that has elemental, might be that he made the +7, and then added the elemental. So broke shitty item 1, shitty item 2, shitty item 3, added elemental to the shard. OR he broke shitty item 1, shitty item 2, shitty item 3, and upgraded a shard +7/70 to +8/80, wich is possible, very odd but possible.

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