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Lots of people in ardream have great gear dd 25 helmets chitin 8 shards 8 full olds..... My gear isnt much when turks run around with 35dd >.< I have spiked this orc rogue 300 and i see him each time i pk and everytime we vs we have to leave our seperate ways because its impossbile to kill each other. So just beware that titan has a pretty decent geared ardream.. And with all the hackers it just helps to have good def and ap so you can kill those auto healing peace of shit priest

when servers come up i will be upgrading the MD+10 reverse. Hope to have the first +9 dagger on the server. I would like to say its the first +9 high class but i saw a turk with full chitin+9 and a krowaz suited warrior with rappy+9 >.>

MD burnt going to +11rev. then the sherion burnt going to +7 rev. GG BB fuck this game. time to burn all my +8 chitins cya