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BabaSh0pper & Red Vs Movie

This is a discussion on BabaSh0pper & Red Vs Movie within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Lolz - Cleave > All but rogues in ardream. Gg though....
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    Lolz - Cleave > All but rogues in ardream.
    Gg though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaNCTe View Post
    I can remember giving props to the folks who raped me. Now it seems cool to talk shit on their movie topics.

    Kinda agree. That giant bold text was fuckin rediculous.

    ANYWAYS....Nice movie Red, always nice to see some decent DCZ footage. Styles always gave nice challenges back in the Dies DCZ days. Cool to see a movie with 2 players highlighted.
    Thats cuz it used to be that all the good players were mostly friends, so it was friendly competition. Now its a bunch of kids who want to flex their e-peen as if beating someone in a 1vs1 means something.

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