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Biggest dupers on DieZ

This is a discussion on Biggest dupers on DieZ within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; tbh just because someone has items like these doesn't mean they're a duper. Yes, some of them are certainly illegitimate ...
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    tbh just because someone has items like these doesn't mean they're a duper. Yes, some of them are certainly illegitimate but maybe they offered legit items to get them.

    And to answer the upgrade question, items can be upgraded to +30 only. No higher. +21 is considered +10 and get the constant mega-bright glow for +10 items and higher but are also still able to be upgraded to a level just under what I guess would be the next upgrade level. (+30)

    But now'a days...lots of people have +3 uniques...+9 items. Of course some of the items listed are really fucked up...cs+25 ...raptor+30, just impossible to be legit but some of them are just not as unbelievable to me.[/b]
    +30 raptor... Oh man thats sexy.

    That chitin shield almost made me piss myself <_<

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    nice collection of items u posted.

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    Personally i think DebuffAndHeal is the biggest duper! when it comes to being a meanie

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    yeah i totally agree with you. Well i never played on Diez, but that&#39;s pretty much the same craps on all servers..
    the thing is that the topic = &#39;biggest dupers on DieZ&#39; and i really doubt those items are from dupe. They might have bugged isiloon to get the 27*IN to make it +3, but the items are probably not duped items.[/b]
    The IN+3 i doubt it is legit or at least i can assure you it&#39;s not from Isiloon. If you have ever camped isiloon you&#39;ll understand what i&#39;m saying.
    ROLs and ROCs drops alot, INs ? Just saw 1 i think...

    I really don&#39;t think the ROF+2 and the ROC+3 have to be a dupe, but ofc they may be.

    Point is, people have to realise that some clans, specialy Claw and KB have legit uniques+2 or maybe even some +3 (like we/roc/rol, these are the ones isiloon drops more). Of course i&#39;m not saying they&#39;re legit clans, but the truth is with the absurd amount of isiloon/felankor they&#39;ve done there&#39;s no need to dupe uniques to make +1s for most clan members and +2 for the leaders.

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    Oh.. my.. fucking... GOD. Jesus

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