?? wait a minute dude.. I dont have a good gear atm.. and If I remember on west U used nation change and we make some vs in cz and as far I know u we'rent good player well maybe yes but not enought.. if I get gear as undezz I can be hard to beat.. on Fierce west u we're not a pro warrior . I don't wanna make drama so anyway Im pretty sure that u're a little jealous ^^

if u wanna complete ur problems please send by pm .. dont make ko4life AS CRAP FORUM PLEASE... I know very well people that make bad comments on differents topics making drama (just pm me if u have something wrong with me)[/b]
u do love drama baba, u just told that dude that he sucked so yeah, KillerJ go baba an account in C-W and show if ur noobs or not.
not flaming just advicing him to prove himself agains SoulShot, although i dont considered SoulShot a good rogue, yet another average.