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Clan OldSchool Full HD

This is a discussion on Clan OldSchool Full HD within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hello! . i post here this video . Very good pk and active server ( LegendsKO ) :...
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    Default Clan OldSchool Full HD

    Hello! . i post here this video . Very good pk and active server ( LegendsKO ) :

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    This server is active?

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    Ye its a lot active ( latin time ) . Here u start with set chitin+8 - Iron set - weapon+8 .u can farms undeafetable , sherion , hb , gab , easy ( 30 min - 1 hours ) but with normal items u can make good pk . Jewels is max +1 but its very hard , 80% have +0 . Have good pk in cz . Events all days , nation vs nation , boss invasion , etc . U can get primaveral items in events is like undeatable and only need kill kerataros . Max lvl is 80 and u make it in 5 min ( killing worms ) . People speak spanish but all understand english , here only 5-10% of turks .

    Here is page link : LKO ยป Home

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    Since this is media section and you posted the video, let me rate it 5/10.
    Few things, as I am watching the movie I can see that when you are in fight, you are not using the mouse, just random z+skill pressing, also when you are stuck on one human, you can't jump near him to atack someone else, I don't know but is it possible you use both hands on keyboard while atacking?
    Another reason for that is if actually chasing someone with mouse you are not using "r" just skill skill skill...
    That was about mouse + keyboard which sucks ( on the movie - media section I can rate what I saw :P )
    Last thing you chase one warrior for half map ( skill skill skill, no combo ) while half of your party getting fucked behind and you can cleary see this.
    Overall didn't enjoy the movie.


    PS: I woke up in bad mood ;D

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