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Derelictor/Eukaria pk video

This is a discussion on Derelictor/Eukaria pk video within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Enjoy it...
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    Default Derelictor/Eukaria pk video

    Enjoy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdamas75 View Post
    Enjoy it
    nice 1 noobie <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdamas75 View Post
    Enjoy it
    @sig: you do realize that integrity (or whatever clan it is now) falls in the category of "equally geared opponents" right?

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    duffing part was a fail other than that it was ok

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    I have nothing against you , but your video is terrible . The wiew from a support is always bad ( buffer , mage support ) , plus there is nothing special in the PK , mages drop novas some kill others die , meles fighting against rouge without buff , when play duff anyone attack the target who you duffing , in other scenes more nps are the losers to the winners , i see nothing to show . put other game in the middle of the video pff... I think the idea of making video is to show some skills , but here i cant see anything .
    Big fail.. 10/0

    other thing , the music suck...

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