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GreaTToucH lv76 Mage Diez

This is a discussion on GreaTToucH lv76 Mage Diez within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i bet he doesnt hit as hard now no more hellblood and flam rings xD ownt[/b] lol naab, that's an ...
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    i bet he doesnt hit as hard now

    no more hellblood and flam rings xD
    lol naab, that's an elix +8, and we never had flame rings... maybe shios at some point but not anymore :mellow:

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    omg EMO MUSIC plz ghet me some pritty hard music

    the used
    rise against
    linkin park
    Guano Apes
    Lost Prophets

    and so on

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    nothing special ... only fire armor, attack, fire armor, else this guys cant really kill his ennemy.....

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    fuckin great movie aga ! :wub: im lovin it!

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    First of all,its erdem here..

    Well its ok ppl may not like the video,get bored while watching ..But making comments like 'nothing speacial,always does the same things etc' or 'mages are supposed to organize the party ' are kinda stupid.This is a 'PvP' movie.Its poka's fault he made the headline wrong.The headline should have been 'GT level 76 mage PvP movie' or something which should have had 'PvP' word in and this 'PvP' movie is full of duels as it is supposed to be..

    This is for people who complain about using same skills all the time..Have you ever played KO?Mages can't use skills while they are under attack by 'R' damage .There are few skills they can use while they are being attacked by 'R' damage.They are level 75,72,56,43 skills,instantly magic,summon friend,absolute power.If you try to use other skills while being attacked,they will fail.So.. could ya tell me how the fuk you expect me to use pillar skills or novas when i am attacked by 'R' damage ?I would like to see a mage which tries to use pillar skills and novas against a rogue on a duel..Oh wait there..Maybe i should use summon friend skill ,huh?

    I could use glacier skills on opponents who had low resistances and attack from far away but that wouldn't be fair imo.

    About using fire armor twice..i didn't put any stat points to hp,i am mp builded so i have too low hp..Would it be fair fighting against a 75+ warrior with 2600 base hp when it had 4.5k at least ?

    So sh11t please make a movie if you have a mage or get one to make,and show us how a 75+ warrior is killed by using pillars or novas on a duel..

    Its normal there are people who don't know how a mage i am as this forum is not only for Diez.

    Please, before making your comments know this is a 'PvP' movie .. and people who complain about seeing the same skills on a duel,get more game knowledge.

    Erdem(real GT).

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    sexy Owa


    music tracks please

    your a great mage :P smartest to use fire armor yea thats very true unless your in a lunar war or something that needs aoe's go nuke the town 3 times

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