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[Guide] How to make an attractive and successful MOVIE

This is a discussion on [Guide] How to make an attractive and successful MOVIE within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I don't like Party Pk Moviez Just Solo PK...
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    I don't like Party Pk Moviez

    Just Solo PK

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    well and i dont like vses.. thats why there should be everything in movie...

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    very good guide =D i will use this when im making movie lol...

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    very usefull nice guide^^

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    its clear. enough explanation, but i need some more info about sony vegas. i hope i can find sum

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    Quote Originally Posted by C4pt4iN View Post
    Alright, before I gets any flame or negative feedback(s), I would like to point out certain things, so it's clear. (Only you flamers should read these statements first)
    - I didn't made any super successful movie, so it isn't like what I'm saying are holy words or anything to be taken literally to the bottom (you get the point)
    - Since people ALWAYS have different tastes, therefore it's hard to give a 100% definition of how things should be. Which means, my guide would be a bit subjective.
    - The information on this guide are most based on MY analyzing of the most popular movies and the "not so popular" ones.
    - Some of you possibly already knew these stuff, if you do, move on. I'm sure a lot of other people don't.
    - I'm not a professional movies maker, but I'm an artist. That much I can tell you. Oh and, professional movies are considered such movies as some of the WoW movies. (you guys should check some of them out. They make KO movies looks like.. lol)

    Okay, lets begin to analyze.

    General stuff:

    Types of footage to use:
    Now this is something today's KO needs more of ~ different types of movies. There is only 1 type of movie nowadays: Kill
    A movie can be about anything.. There are a few in the past, where people made KO movies from different point of views.
    - Rush toward the opposite nation (and possibly die) originally by Festo (I myself made a similar one, inspired by that)
    - A love story by pixiecatt on YouTube
    - Comedy story made by Skybert88 (the same guy who made those video of new patch. Here is an example of one of his movie: YouTube - Knight Online - Clone Baby
    Always be creative, an example of an idea that just crossed my mind was a rogue geared and stated as support, and a BP goes out do all the kills, while the rogue uses a shield + hammer minor healing the priest. It's all about the concept to be special and unique. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the "fun" movies are the best, but people sure enjoy some new types of movies from time to time.

    A Title:
    It might be just a name, but it have it's own importance later on. Firstly it gives the movie it's unique identity, which will get stuck on some people's head in subconscious or long term memory. Secondly, when the title have an accuracy name, it gives higher chance for people to find it later on YouTube, in case if they deleted the original file.

    Setting up a movie:
    There are many ways of doing that, totally depends on the individual taste, but overall the movie should have varies scenes of all types of records (1vs1, soloing, party).

    Length of a movie:
    Since there isn't any story behind the KO movies, it shouldn't be too long, otherwise the audience will get bored of the same type of stuff, which gives less satisfaction in the end.
    I would say a good length would be 10 minutes +/-, if you have much to show, make another movie (give some time between them, to let audiences "charge up the excitement")
    Remember!: Watching a movie is like everything else, if you get too much of it, you get tired of it

    Bitrate of the movie (size):
    During the time passed, the acceptable size seems to rose a bit as the internet speed increased. But the KO movie standard is around 100~150MB for 10 minutes, to be attractive between the balance of quality and time to download. Always use variable bitrate to make max use of every bit of the data you have. The movie maker application should be able to calculate the bitrate when you know the desired size.

    Application to use for capturing:
    FRAPS - Great capture application with high FPS support and high quality (produce raw file).
    GameCam - Sorry, no information

    Application to use for editing:
    Windows Movie Maker - The most common, simple and cheapest movie maker around. I personally recommend this since it have all the feature you need to make a great movie.
    Sony Vegas - I saw a few group of people used that for movie making. Personally I have no experience with it, so I can't really speaks for it.

    Song(s) to use:
    Music - The soul of the movie. The music of a movie is very important, sometimes people might not like the graphical content, but loves the music instead, and overall might tolerant or start liking the movie itself.
    Firstly, the songs must match the content of the movie! (duh) If it's a love story, then a dance/techno song would gives it a totally wrong feeling.
    Secondly, decide what genre. Now the fact is, there is no way you can please everyone's taste, so the only thing you can do is pick the genre that match majority of the people. Rock is the most common, widely listened and acceptable genre by almost everyone, it gives high tension that a KO killer movie needs.

    The movie's format:
    I highly recommend your final movie result to be in WMV format, since ANY computer can play it without having any 3rd part codec(s) installed, which gives slight wider possibility of the audiences.

    The host:
    For general viewing there is always YouTube, and people can chose and enjoy the HD quality if it's uploaded that way
    But for downloading, there are these most common free large file web-host available.

    A great way of spreading would be YouTube to begin with. Now a good thing to do also is to give the movie some common "Tags" ~ words that match the contents of the movie, the more the better. Put your movie's link on places like your signature on a forum or some other informative website.


    Things you should do:

    - Name or a statement of your movie in the very beginning of your movie.
    - A big name of the opponent on the beginning in a VS fight. (Gives the audience a fast "catch" to who this exciting opponent is)
    - Keep the scene as complete as possible, don't cut them unless there are chase scene in between. If you wanna add a message, try do it ON the movie. I personally find hhose black screened background message annoying.

    Things you should avoid to do:

    - Obvious comment.
    Comments like: "OMG, he towned! -.-", while it's being showed in the movie aren't needed. By making these kind of comments, sends a signal that you are taking audience for a fool, that they can't see/realize the situation.
    - Too many short "1 easy kill" clips, one after another.
    Anyone can kill somebody at certain circumstance, we don't need to know every single random people you successfully killed all different places, while they had a bad day, or whatever reason it might be. Killing 1 noob in 1 scene isn't any achievement, don't make yourself look stupid!
    - Too long intro.
    The intro shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds before fighting scene starts. (However, you can warm it up with some fast killing scene in the intro)
    - Too many SS on intro.
    If you wanna show memories photos, do it at outro, along with the credits. (I personally trends to close the movie if I see too many pictures in the beginning)
    - Long chases.
    Sometimes you might not want to cut 1 good long scene into 2 because of a long chase, then fast forward the chase scene, and leave the good scene with normal speed. (Some idiot might call you speedhack for that, but the intelligent audience will enjoy it more)
    - Too many death scene(s) of you.
    I know people sometimes complains about movie makers always shows their best clips. Well, don't listen to them! You don't go out and watch a movie to see how good they are at making mistakes do you? A movie is meant to be as perfect as possible, unless you ARE trying to make a movie about how much you suck. However, 1~2 death(s) are acceptable to showing the audience your respect to the player and your inferiority to this person.

    Stuff that people want to see the movie showing:

    - Effective support/healing
    - Precise debuffing
    - Tanking a lot

    Battle priest:
    - Have good instinct of choosing target (party vs party)
    - Ability to solo (BP is the ultimate solo class, so the movie should have at least some soloing content)
    - Heals when needed, and heals your teammate when it's a small party

    Rogue (assassin):
    - Ability to solo
    - Ability to minor healing, and effectively use minor and hp pot at different situations
    - Ability to support your teammate when needed
    - Perfect combo (It's a lot easier to see a rogue make combo mistake than the other 3 classes)

    Rogue (archer):
    - Knows when to use what archer skill (styx)
    - Knows where to stand in a party
    - Good at potting

    - Effective TPing
    - Take advantage of their element on critical situations
    - Smack a shield on when too many jumps on the mage

    - Good instinct on which pot to use
    - Know which target to attack

    Stuff that people aren't interests to see:

    - Use AOE all the time, and "running out of healing power" after 2 AOE heals used
    - Debuff an unnecessary/weak target
    - Leaving your teammate dying

    Battle priest:
    - Acting like a warrior wannabe through the whole movie (no heal, cure)
    - Unable to fight back most of the time

    Rogue (assassin):
    - Only attacking when in a small party
    - No support
    - Multi-minor healing

    Rogue (archer):
    - Shooting the same arrow skill all the time
    - No support
    - No instinct on picking target

    - Blading all the time
    - No support (TP)
    - Nova nova nova nova, did I mentioned nova?

    - Mindlessly attack the same opponent long time in a party fight
    - Timing the pots wrong too many times

    Those are the stuff that crossed my mind today, so I'm not 100% sure if I got everything I needed to say, but anyway.. I got the most important ones down.

    Good luck with your movie making, hope some more interesting movies pops up in the future of media section!

    PS: Since this isn't YouTube, I can't tell people to subscribe me, but a comment about this guide would be appreciated, thanks :P

    Thanks! it was very helpful.

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    wow mate. good job. rly nice guide XD

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    Artemis Fowl II


    Many thanks...I never actually thought about this because I suck to much to PK and like...just...ain't got the power in the computer to successfully record with fraps. Or Gamecam. Or anything for tht matter.

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    wauw thats a lot ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureownagenl View Post
    wauw thats a lot ><
    xD but then u got a pro vid ^^

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    this actually helps a lot thx and nice siggy XD

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    wow that link pixiecat with the love story thing was really interesting and odd at the same time. i played in clan with sillyho like 5+ years ago, i think mirara was much higher lvl at that time. sillyho still plays?

    that was interesting guide, wish you put this out before i made my vid

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    Nice guide C4p, amen to 95% u mentioned

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    nice topic/guide , really really Helped

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    lol the guy joined in Mar 2012 and already has 363 posts hahahahahah

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