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Gurls are Icky

This is a discussion on Gurls are Icky within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; but..but...mir pls make video my love...
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    but..but...mir pls make video my love

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    but..but...mir pls make video my love [/b]

    groveling now? Grovelling is good. smirk

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    Default this isn't KO, but I couldn't resist! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to chuckle. Don't get mad at me, but definately let me know what you all think!!!!! Most of you guys are familiar with Mirara from the videos I've produced. I never realized I actually had the ability to write until we started this a week and a half ago days ago in our guild forums.

    Gurls are Icky – by members of Black Watch Regiment – from World of Warcraft – Twisting Nether server

    This is a story that one of our guildies from World of Warcraft started in our guild forums. He asked me if I had a problem of using my character in the story as well and I said sure. I don’t think he expected ppl to add to it..he figured he would write this cute little story and be done with it. Well, other ppl couldn’t resist posting to it as well, so now we have a full blown story in the works. We have no idea whats going to happen, how it will end, etc….we are just going with the flow and going based on other ppls postings. This is a work in progress. As we add to the story, I will post it along with who wrote or added what part. Eventually it might wind up as a video! In any case, keep checking because I will also be adding screen caps to add a bit more "flavor" as we say? If you are familiar with World of Warcraft then you should be familiar with the different character races and classes. If you aren't...and are confused about some of the things mentioned in the story, feel free to pop off a pm to me and I'll be happy to explain.

    Its amazing how much the storyline can change just like that. I've gotten an idea in my head for a next posting, but because someone posted before I did, and what happened, could just totally change the ideas we had.

    Quick background on the characters…..(not the actual people).

    The main characters:
    Firbias aka Firby or Firbi is a dranaeii paladin. He’s very naive, and dumb! All he thinks about is food. In other words….He just don’t get it!!!!
    Lunatix aka Luni, Luna or Loony is an elf druid. She’s become known as the silly elf in her guild because of the fact that she’s always dieing! Or just goofing around or getting herself into something that she knows is over her head but does it anyway….(Sounds like Mirara in some ways don’t it?)

    Other characters that pop up:
    Talie – Talie is a gnome mage. She’s known in our guild as the gnomebomb and the cookie monster.
    Annianna – Aka ani, is a dwarf priest.
    Suds – is a dwarf Priest

    And away we go!!!!![/b]

    Firbi sat on the shore of the Lake, casting his fishing pole out into the lake and bringing it back. He frowned as the lure came back empty. Sighing he cast the line back into the lake. His food pack was nearly empty and he wanted desperately to fill it.

    "Dis aint good." Looking out into the water, he saw what was driving the fish away. 2 night elf Females were swimming near where he was fishing, frolicking and splashing one another. He frowned.

    "Gurls are Icky" He thought. It had been his mantra ever since he was a lad. Girls always teased him when he was younger and those that didnt...Well he didnt understand the feelings he had for them. He knew he got a funny feeling whenever he was with some women. But being a Firby. He didnt understand what those feelings were.

    Firbi threw the Lure out again and got nothing. Firbi Muttered "Dose lasses are gonna Scare away all da fish. Why do dey gotta ruin my fishin?' His stomach growled in agreement. Firbi stared at the Elf girls as the Scurried out of the lake. They waved to him and He blushed and waved back. He wanted to talk to them and ask them why they felt the need to swim near him, but all he could do was stutter and then go back to his fishing.

    "Ya cant talk to dem cause dere gurls and gurls are Icky" Firbi thought again as he cast the line in. "A couple more throws and Im gonna hit the hay. Or maybe the guild hall has some good Sammiches.."

    Firbis ears twitched as he heard something. His hand slowly moved to his Sword. Suddenly a Black shape pounced from out of the Bushes behind him and tackled him before he could react. Tumbling to the ground, Firbi looked into the eyes of the Cat that had landed on his chest. Firbi Squirmed trying to get free.

    The Cat Smiled, and said "howdy!"

    "Hullo dere Luni. No fair sneakin up on me!"

    The Cat Giggled and jumped of off his chest. "Hi ya Firbi. Hows my Favorite Draenei?"

    Firbi Sat up "Im okay. Just fishin."

    Firbi watched as Lunatix morphed out of Cat form and into her night elf form. "Yay! good. Im starvin! Have you caught alot?"

    Firbi looked at his sammich pack. One left.

    Firbi turned to Luna. Her eyes were wide with hope. "Yeah Ive caught a ton." Here have a Sammich. Firbi grabbed the Sandwich out of his pack and handed it to Luna.

    Luna began to eat it and plopped down to Firbi. "So yer just fishin huh?"

    Firbi nodded and grabbed his Fishing pole "Ayup. We can go hunt some horde in a bit. I just wanna do dis now"

    He expected to see Luna leave. He expected her to say "Okies we'll catch up later"

    Instead she finished the sandwich, Shifted into Cat again and plopped down next to him.

    "Okay we can watch the sun go down then" She put her head into his lap and promptly fell asleep.

    He should have Flailed at the contact, he should have moved. He should have gotten her a pillow and continued fishing...

    Instead he just sat there, Arm around her as they watched the sun dissapear from the horizion.

    "Maybe Gurls arent as Icky as I thought.." he said to no one in particular.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Talie bounces along the treeline, ready to go fishing to get more golden fishies to make into fish stix for the dwarf. While she bounces along, taking bites of the giant (to a gnome) chocolate chip cookie, she wonders what Looneytix is doing. That silly elf probably is in ghost form somewhere reading a book. "Wonder why she reads so much!" Talie wonders to herself.

    She takes out another cookie and sees Firby's back, and Looney's butt next to the water, waves (even though they aren't even looking her way) and bounces to a spot on the sand to fish up some goodies.

    I should make s'more cookies soon. the gnome thinks to herself. The stale ones I threw at Suds the other day weren't as stale as I thought...he ate em...hmm. I wonder if my cookies are losing their touch? The thought bothers her. Her fishing lure splashes, and she reels it in, muttering the whole time about cookie recipes, not even noticing her cookie bag has a hole in it, and with every bounce, she left trail of cookies behind her stopping at her feet.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Anianna follows a trail of cookies, curious as to what sort of cookie treasure lie at the end. She snickers as she approaches Talie, noticing the hole in her bag.

    "How convenient," she says to Talie, preparing her fishing rod, "I needed to get some fishing in. Always nicer to fish with such good company and such tastey trailing treats."

    Anianna spots Firby and Luni. "At it again, are they?" she notes, grinning mischeviously as she casts. "Remind me to give Firby some sammiches before we head out. I'd hate to interrupt."
    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    Hi lady! *offers the cookie bag, which always seems to be full, despite the hold in the bag* You need fish stix too? I can make em if you want! *eeps and lowers her voice to a stage whisper* They're too cute! I don't wanna interrupt either, so let's fish! I need a new fishing hat. There's a goblin in Booty Bay that gives them as prizes, but I haven't gone to that fishing tourney in a while.

    Where's the Krunchy dwarf? *nibbles a cookie and peeks over at Firby and Looney*
    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    Only to see that firby is still there but loony aint. "Hmmm..wonder where looney went" talie thinks to herself.

    Talie feels a tug on her line so she start reeling in when all of sudden this big huge sea creature type thing comes jumping out of the water........scaring the beejebees outta talie and ani.....

    as the creature lands on dry land, it morphs into a looneytix...."Hi guys!!!!! I smelled cookies.....SHARE!! hehehehe"

    "Oh..and here...." drops a handful of fish at their feet.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Suds thinks to himself I wonder where that Talie has been hiding its been ages since I have seen here around. I think she was napping of something… some times I wonder if she’s more dwarf than gnome I mean sheesh her cookies are almost as good as moms hard as a rock but with a little extra flavor. They even hurt a bit to get hit with like moms.

    O well maybe she will like some of my cookies well if I can find her… *he pauses a moment* O I know how to find here if I find her secret cookie stash then I’ll find her. Probably sleeping again though. Well I should make some presents for her *Makes up some fine dwarven cookies*

    Well I doubt she’s in the outlands its to scary a place for such a cute lady. I should check the lake she seams to like to fish and its always nice to take a nap there too. *Suds hops on his Snowy griffon* Ahh life is so much easier when you can just fly around I’m glad I bought ya *Pats he griffon on the side* even if I did have to go into hock for a while to afford it. *He raises his nose in the air* I know she’s close I can smell it. Well I should lane and do the rest on foot I don’t want to wake her just yet.

    *He follows his nose to the edge of the tree line and looks around* There she is and she’s not even sleeping he mutters to himself. Bahh she’s even dropping cookies I wonder is she knows her bag has a hole in it good thing I have some thread I can fix that for her he thinks to himself. *He sneeks up behind her* Noticing he hasn’t yet been noticed by ani or Talie *He reaches out and tickles Talie* Well there you are! I have been looking all over for you. O yea and you bag has a hole in I can take care of that if ya want.

    *knocks on his head* I almost forgot I made ya some cookies. They probably aren’t as hard as yours but here ya go. *Hands a box to Talie and plops down beside her*

    Oops sorry didn’t realize you were fishing. Well you’re in luck if you want we can go fishing the way my pop showed me. *He lays back folding his hands behind his head*
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Luni plops down next to the rest of her gathering guild mates and thinks to herself “Why is it every time I try to catch Firby alone everyone finds us and starts gathering together?”

    Luni sits and just listens to the conversation going on around her and casts glances every now and then over to where Firby is sitting. After about 10 minutes she hops up. “I will talk to you guys later. Gonna go see what kinda trouble I can get into.” She waves to the group, pops into travel form and takes off not even stopping to say bye to Firby. “He’ll never even realize I’m gone.” She thinks to herself.

    After a few hours of traveling Luni finds a spot to sit down and decides to cook herself some dinner. She puts up a huge pot and fills it with all sorts of goodies and lets it simmer. While the food is simmering she starts thinking.

    About Firby….
    About how much she likes him…….
    About how she loves his accent and when he talks to her she feels all melty and gooey inside……….
    About the way he makes her feel……..
    About how much she would like him to like her…….
    About how she wants to get to know him better……
    About how good she feels when he gives her a hug (which is very seldom)
    About how good it felt to sit there on the water’s edge earlier today just cuddling up to him and doing absolutely nothing but looking out over the water.

    She remembered how it felt a few weeks ago when Firby actually held her for the first time. She had gotten frustrated becasue she couldn't get something she needed and after an hour of trying to get it...she just flopped down and refused to move. Firby came over and layed down next to her and put his arm around her to comfort her.

    "That felt soo good", Luni thought to herself.

    “GAH!!!!!! What do I have to do to get Firby’s attention?” she wonders. “I swear the only time he pays attention to me is when it comes to food. He really needs to stop thinking with his stomach all the time….”

    She gets up and starts walking around her area..kicking rocks here and there trying to figure out what to do to get a certain draenii’s attention.

    She remembers the first time she saw him. It was a few days after she joined up with BlackWatch. She was out with some of her fellow guildmembers questing when she heard this GLEEEEEEEE……..after looking around she spotted this draenii heartily munching on a sandwich which someone else gave to him. After that they started hanging out together and questing together.

    “I got it bad…..” Luni thinks to herself. “I really need to figure out a way to get him to notice me.”

    “Well, seems the best way to get his attention is through his stomach” Luni thinks to herself. And without realizing it, what she was cooking seemed to be one of his favorite all time dishes.

    “I know! The way to this draenii’s heart seems to be through his stomach….so maybe if I hang around some more and give him stuff he really really likes he’s start to take notice of me.”

    So she packs her stuff up…being careful not to spill the pot over. She hops on her tiger and rides back to where she left da firbs sitting when she joined up with her other guild members. But he wasn’t there.

    “Hmm…wonder where he disappeared to?”

    A few days later……

    After searching hi and low for her favorite draenii she couldn't find him.

    Finally, frustrated she winds up in a little inn, flops down in a chair in the corner and orders a drink. Then another, and another until she is tanked. She starts thinking of Firby again and starts bawling her eyes out....

    "I want my firby" she cries....
    "Where's my firby"
    "I need firby!"

    She continues to drunkenly sob her heart out and doesn't notice the figure walking into the inn whistling away.....

    "Hullo Loonytix" says Firby..

    She stiffens......

    "Oh crap" she thinks to herself......"I can't let him see me like this! What do I do!!!!"
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________
    Firbi Walked into the inn and was suprised to see Luna sittin there. He had left abruptly the other night to run off to cook the fish he caught and then was caught in one of DJJazzygnome's plans to get rich. He knows he left her in good company.

    It had taken him 2 days to climb out of that cave when it collapsed. He just wanted to hit a bed and be done with it. He felt bad about not saying Goodbye to Lunatix, but she was talking to others. Those plans had changed when he saw Luna...and what she was making.

    Firby's Stomach began growling "Hullo Lunitix" He said. "Dat smells good. Whatcha cookin?" He looked at Luna. She seemed a bit off, like she was sick or something. He made a note to mention it later.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    Luni's jaw drops as she didn't realize she had brought the pot of goodies she had been cooking in to the inn with her. Still in a drunken state, she stands up......grabs the pot.......throws at firby and starts yelling at him....

    "OMG....Firby is that all you think about is eating? Can't you think about anything else? Whats the matter with you? Don't you ever notice anything going on around you besides food?" She continues to yell at him, crying at the same time......

    "Don't you know how much I like you and wanna be with you?" she yells.......then stops......

    She thinks to herself......"I did not just say that...I did not just tell firby how I feel about him.....OMG...I did....I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE before I really embarass myself...."

    Luny takes off running out of the inn.......
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    The Pot bounced off of Firbis head with a *Pwang* As the contents spilled all over him. Dazed, he watched as Luni said something and ran out of the Inn. He stared as she left. He had angered her and he wasnt sure how. The warmth of the contents of the pot burned his skin but he didnt care.

    He had angered people before. Mostly by breaking chairs and eating their food. So why did this hurt so much more?

    Firbi Absentmindedly wiped some of the contents of the pot off of his armor and tasted it "Shes a good cook" He thought to himself. He focused on the pot for a moment. There was still some left in the pot. "Probably enough to make a good samm.." He stopped the thought as he looked back out of the door.

    Do you ever notice anything going around you besides food?

    "She was upset" He said to no one in particular. "I better go see whats da matta"

    Firbi Headed to the door. As he was leaving he turned to the Innkeeper "Um...I'll clean dat up lata. But save dat pot fer me will ya"

    The Innkeeper made a rude gesture that Firbi Assumed was Dwarvish for "Sure no Problem" and headed out the door as the Innkeeper began to clean.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    While running out the door, Luni morphs into travel cat form and runs as quickly as she could away from the inn. She wanted to put as much distance as possible between her and firby.

    "I can't believe I said that!!!! I can't believe I told him how I felt about him........How could I be so dumb!!!!!" luny says to herself

    She continues to run and starts berating herself.

    "Dumb Luny...dumb dumb am I going to face firby after this? Trust me to fall for someone who does nuthing but think with his stomach! DUMB DUMB DUMB......"

    Luny continues to cry and run as fast as possible. As she's running...she still beating herself up and not paying a bit of attention to where she's going, where's she's at or what's around her.

    All of a sudden she finds herself sprawled all over the ground....which makes her cry harder.

    "Dumb just had to fall for him didn't you..." she mumbles to herself as she morphs out of cat form and into her regular self. She stands up and looks around and realization hits her as to what caused her sprawl. Because she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, she didn't see the gnome and dwarf walking along the road talking.

    Poor Luny....she in her haste and innattention and the fact that she was running so fast, she tripped over two of her guild members who were walking down the road talking. As realization set in she looked at Talie and Annianna and thought to herself....
    "Can this get any worse?" and starts crying all over agin. "Dumb me"...

    She tries to mumble an apology (which comes out sounding more like a hiccup) and slink away before they could spot that something was wrong..but it was toooo late.

    Talie and Ani had seen the tears and heard luni calling herself dumb.........................
    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    Anianna, fills Luny with the comforting warmth of Holy Light then notices Luny's intoxicated state.

    "You might find whatever distress you're in doesn't seem so bad if you rest off the ale, Lass," she points out. "It does have a way of making rather large somethings out of nothings and rather worse somethings out of little things that really aren't all that bad."

    Anianna's mind wanders for a moment, wondering if this might have something to do with Firby, when she notices the rather large Dreanei off in the distance heading their way. Knowing Firby could never cause such grief on purpose, she adds with a grin and a wink, "it's most likely not nearly as bad as you think."

    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    Gnomebomb picks herself up off the road and dusts herself off "How many times you gonna knock....HEY! Why you cryin'?" Gnomey follows Looney and waves to Ani in either is a 'c'mon' gesture, ot a 'g'bye' gesture.

    <yells> Looney! WAIT UP! You know I don&#39;t have any knees, I can&#39;t keep UP wif you fast people! *Talie sonders where Suds went. His cookies weren&#39;t half bad, if a little hard. Maybe she should give him some of her NON stale cookies next time.*

    Talie finally catches up to Lunatix, who is still crying "Whatcha cryin for? Where&#39;s Firb....oooh. Is dat why? Whatcha do? TALK to me an&#39; quit bawlin! You are getting me all WET!" Talie wrings out her little shirttails "Geez Looney, what&#39;s WRONG!"[/b]

    Do you really think that anyone is gonna read this? :unsure:[/b]

    ok. so maybe the first post was a bit too long...sorry about;s the next part.
    __________________________________________________ _______
    Firbi ran out into the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of Luni to see what was the matter. Frowning, he could find no trace of her in the busy marketplace. He quickly asked passers by if they saw a "Upset Kitty lady dats not a real kitty" But was treated to responses like "What?", "havent seen her", "Are you Insane?" and "Do you realize you have Food all over you?"

    Firbi sighed, "Im neva gonna find her at dis rate..." He closed his eyes. "Why do people hate me and yell at me?"

    Firbis thoughts turned to his Paladin trainer, "The Light will bring you closer to others Firbi" He had said. "When you are Full of the Light, you can just Feel those who are just. You can use this to seek out others when you are lost."

    For the first time in a long time. Firbi understood something.

    He kept his eyes closed and concentrated. He thought of Luni. the Fun they had together, the battles. The quiet times when he and her would just sit together. The Times where he had noticed her staring at him (Musta had food on myself or somethin). Times when He would Hug her and how she would linger just a few seconds longer than he did. And the Feeling that he did not mind her lingering.

    Firbi suddenly felt a warmth inside of him. Something he had never felt before. Something wonderful. It was pulling him northward.

    His eyes snapped open "She went NORTH!" He yelled, causing the shoppers around him to jump suddenly at his booming voice.

    Almost at a Gallop, he headed north. Still asking people along the way if they had seen the "Purty Kitty lady"
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    Looney looks in the direction that Ani was looking and sees Firby walkin up the road……

    She tries to control her crying, sniffles a few times, looks at Ani and says…..”You can’t imagine how bad it is……….but I really gotta get outta here!!!!” She starts getting agitated…….and moves to take off again, but it seems that Ani has a firm grip on one arm, while Talie keeps jumping up and down trying to get her attention. She looks towards the direction that Firby is coming from, gets more agitated and tries to break free…..”you guys…I gotta go!!!!! Let go of me!!!!!!!!

    Talie pipes up and says “Nuh uh…….not until you tell us whats wrong!”

    “You guys……please!!!!!!” begs Loony……..

    “Nope…..”says Ani and Talie…..”not until you fill us in!”

    Loony looks at Ani and Talie and thinks….they are dwarfs and gnomes….they are small enough……she makes a quick decision……

    “Ok…fine….I’ll tell you guys what happened…but not here and not now…”

    She summons her mount, grabs the dwarf and the gnome….shoves them into her packs on her mount, mounts up and takes off at a full gallop…………………………………….

    A few hours later…after listening to the dwarf and the gnome complain and whine and squawk about the ride practically the whole way she finally stops in a secluded area where she figures Firby won’t find her.

    She opens her bags and plunks the dwarf and gnome down on the ground, grabs a few blankets, puts them down on the ground, then proceeds to gather items to make a fire and start cooking something. Then it hit her that her cooking pot is missing…..(well, whaddya expect you dumb elf…you threw it at Firby earlier)

    That is the last straw in a very rotten day….poor Luni. She slumps down and the tears just start rolling again.

    Talie and Ani, at a loss come over, plop themselves down next to her and try to comfort her.

    “I’m such a dumb elf” Loony says to noone in particular. “Why did I have to fall for that dumb draeneii”

    Talie and Ani look at each other, nod their heads in agreement at each other, then Talie pipes up and says “You not dumb Loony…..what happened? What he do that made you so upset?”

    Luny sniffles a few times, then the whole story comes pouring out.

    “I’m dumb elf….I’ve tried and tried to get his attention but all he thinks about is sammiches. I had to fall for a guy that only thinks with his stomach. Dumb draenii. No matter what I do all he thinks about is food. I could dance naked in front of him and he probably still wouldn’t notice”

    (Little did they know that Loony had done just that….but she was in stealth mode when she did it….so noone saw her)

    Finally, exhausted, she laid down on her blanket, turned over on her side and cries herself to sleep.

    Meanwhile, Ani and Talie look at each other and start plotting.[/b]

    wow! <-- hey its a pun

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