If anyone is still interested, here is a video on creating a transparent symbol for knightoffline

it&#39;s at google video (the one i uploaded to youtube sucks a monkey&#39;s left nut too fucking too quality bullshit) but if anyone wants the youtube link <== click there

higher resolution and very slightly more in-depth is the google video

Rename symbol.tga to symbol.bmp by ensuring that file extensions are not hidden. Afterwards, put into the symbol_us folder and load it up in knightoffline by selecting jpg format (yes, korean->english typo... typical of k2)

The video presumes you have some knowledge of Photoshop CS3, you know how to unhide file extensions, and of course how to play knightoffline with a clan leader of a grade3 or better clan.

If you require the google video in even higher quality (original capture) you just gotta ask nicely via a PM.