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That wasn't clear to me from "Once upon a time Rage was bored so he started novaing and spamming little AOE's" *
Obviously since Ur not the original owner of this char, only the second part of my post is directed to You, which is also explanation of the attitude toward U shown in the pictures U posted.

If U got offended by what i wrote, i'm sorry- the offensive part was directed to the guy who played RageMeUp around January/February (if i'm not mistaken) :wub:
Thank you Ive been told by people to go suck dick and other abuse In Game, One person accused me of stealing 10 GB. So i do not take it kindly scince i traded Call_911 for him.

Ive also got Abyss STALKING me on the forums every post i try and sell things he runs my money away. Thats why i am leaving this char, I will be playing on a merch char for a few weeks to gain my money up so no one knows me.

And for KAChing My mommie dosent have MSN Sorry baba And she is Hideouse, But i :wub: Her.

a q ^_^