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A little story..

This is a discussion on A little story.. within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Yustryx Once upon a time, there was a priest. This priest escaped the looney bin because he ...
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    Originally posted by Yustryx
    Once upon a time, there was a priest.

    This priest escaped the looney bin because he had such a retard build =]

    He was never allowed into CZ because orc town novaers couldn't touch him.

    However one day he broke out..

    On his way he encountered two orcs at giant golems. They gave chase. Our priest ran. When he stopped to catch his breath he was attacked.

    He screamed, "ROFL NUBCAKES" and then continued running.

    In an attempt to settle peace between the two races he bowed. A temporal truce had begon. They hopped the ground like the retards they were and spammed the /greetingX command.

    The rogue however.. refused this truce and began provoking. Of course our lovely retard provoked back =] meanwhile.. they had called in reinforcements.. *

    So they ganged up.. yet he did not die.. luck's with the dumb they use to say. *

    So he ran.. but what was this sticky stuff eating away his clothes and armour?! He had heard of these foul cowardly things called.. ACID POTS.

    Yet his awesome HP protectes him.. he ran again.. the life of the retard.

    Yet finally.. he decided he'd reward their pursuers for their effort.

    Only reason I made this was because I was laughing out loud the entire chase. I do not need a rating or anything. ^^ Was fun.
    z0mg u should tell stories to little kids h43r: h43r: h43r: h43r: h43r: h43r: h43r: h43r:

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    zomg massive quote.

    1 question why do u use 960 mp pots? good movie
    I bought 9999 at level 59 h43r:

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    nice nps

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    I know =]

    They're 2094 now.

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    2094? damn do u have H simbol next to your name?

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    Nope, but at least I don't run off to another server when xigenon gets too hard ;)

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    i got hacked in xig and too lazy to restore my char even i got some good items from roll back and 600mil. got 58 rogue on edana now

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    Default RE > Yustryx

    man take those photos to some program and make video from them with your story text and some relax music

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