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llamHoov3R vs. llUmitStyl / Diez

This is a discussion on llamHoov3R vs. llUmitStyl / Diez within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Thx for watchin....
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    Default llamHoov3R vs. llUmitStyl / Diez

    Thx for watchin.

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    well the last vs they did a couple years back umit won and this guy had so much butthurt that
    after that many years this guy came back with a diff name calling umit to vs

    umit lost 2 vses and said gratz u won u'r items is better than mine and left but
    this guy said i have the same items etc +9 shel set and +3 i will show u all of them if u vs me again

    after the vses u can see that he didn't show his shells, clearly at - 6.35 - 6.40 min he is avoiding to show them

    ofcourse he can have better items this is usko not pvp but the point is this guy lied
    to make a retarded movie comparing him self to badr hari and mike tyson just lol what a kid , he showed the shells couple days later borrowing from his friend lol but refusing to show it in the vs

    a reminder

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