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Logos INT BP Silweri... First movie

This is a discussion on Logos INT BP Silweri... First movie within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; dude this is sick..i watched it like 3 times and it gets better eveyr time i watch it xD...
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    dude this is sick..i watched it like 3 times and it gets better eveyr time i watch it xD

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    no no u misunderstood me, i have always played priest and i hate when someone cries about bp duffing or healing aswell

    wht i was pointing towards is that u have a sheild on 90% of the movie... its not hard to kill with a sheild and hammer while duffing enemie[/b]
    Oh ok... I understand now what you mean, and in my next movie, there are duels without duffs... I would use 2h hammer, if
    I had one Now I only have my dth and I use it. But with 1h weap and shield 1 vs 3-5 fights are more fun to watch then
    1 vs 1-2 fights with 2h hammer. IMO offcourse
    I hope to get my lvl73 soon, so I can get much bigger battles working... After all; I am BattlePriest in every meaning of word battle
    I love taking huge amounts of hits and making orcs think Im just normal priest, that cant kill anything, but just wait when I start
    hitting xD Usually they get confused and stay there fighting me and die ^^

    Im gonna release new vid soon... Found some nice effects in editing software and I wanna test those... Vid is going to be little
    more boring and less actionfull and I could keep it only for myself, but then I thought, what a hec! I'll release it and listen all
    the critics, so I can get tips how to make another one better... This will be last vid where I have only 960heal

    So stay tuned for part two!

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    what about ur stats ?

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    I doubt you hit has hard as a full bp with a decent weapon. But that's just my opinion. I'm just saying why give up being an INT or BP, and be between? I think its a waste of stats. And like during the part where you running on the side of bowl, you were kinda just lolligaging around after you duffed them. But w/e good movie overall. Just my opinions.[/b]
    bff... since Jay and J dont play on logos... well first silweri is gayest priest on human side what i have met in cz, iam playing orc side with in more powerfull clan, and still we get beaten becouse of these gays... that build pwnz, in 1v1 he is soo close to get me i am playing after all 75lvl warior with faar more powerfull items than him... well ofc he is using malice, and that gay build, if he would be full str bp he wouldnt have chance.

    movie was not so good becouse of bad quality and litle bit booring, well teamworking was great as it will be always in cracked <3

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    I would like to see you doing solo, it was funny to see priest int killing 3 orcs in the first minutes.

    Edit 7.5/10
    Argument 8/10
    Teamplay 9/10
    Player 9/10
    music 7/10

    Good luck in next movies

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    dude.. this was 1 hell of an amazing vid imo!,

    The first song pwnt especially with the vid.

    its a 9/10!

    gl with ur 2nd vid m8.. cant wait to watch it

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    for me its like 8/10 for the beginning, was very nice, but after u put the clan parties u besically showed what ur clan does and it was a lil boring cause we tend to see those parties a lot on movies, not that u guys not pwning cause u really do ^_^.
    6/10 for the end, though its was a good teamplay.

    c u in cz xD

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    beware! cracked is here again ^^

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