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LoL , this is the dragon of the month in orc side Carnac West ?

This is a discussion on LoL , this is the dragon of the month in orc side Carnac West ? within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; well, theres still clan pk party to help out with np's ;]...
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    well, theres still clan pk party to help out with np's ;]

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    Seriusly first of all, put up a movie like this does just show that you killed him, Well no big deal alot people buy chars today gearing them and dont even know what Rogue, Priest, Warrior mage etc is they havent played the class and sucks on it. For me putting up this movies doesn't show anything new then alot people running around with +9stuffs still sucks that we know all. People run around with almost only olds and still raping. I guess you where just happy winning Still gg xD

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    from the only place where u'll be able to listen the true Minimal


    i don't really get it; a vs against an 83 lvl that does not use all his skills... looked like a 55 vs 59 least to me. U killed him...being 3 lvls I tell you....when there's an 80vs80 all skills included, the one that think to stay alive just with a tard or pedaler or outgear the other person...(with maybe...dunno...talking about cw i would say set+3) or any combination of these 3things. Maybe u both decided not to use all skills as well as just minor....who knows......since the vid-poster wrote lots but fight-rules...we wont know.
    Actually the poster neither showed his items..i mean...he's so confident about pressing 2x buttons of minor...and he got a problem with double- pressing " I " right before fightning ?Chicken
    OK again u killed him....u did better than u feel so good really?! with 5k+ mana and u neither show a gg double heal combo?! Just an attempt at the beginning of the 1st fight (1 red pot -if we can call it an attempt) and at the end of the 2nd round when the other guy was basicly dead. bomba made things easier 4sure too. I can't neither understand how this vid got 6x pages of comments.
    Cutting it short,
    He's a bad comboer with a shard+9 (supposing he has got a decent frame rate to play with..) but u're a chicken. DUnno who's the worst really.

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