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Lol why Ks (and waste pots?)

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    haha actually made me laugh.

    For all those who dont know

    amity+ hope have an alliance... killers are with us too, atleast when it comes down to king nomination. For the rest as far as i can remember grim2reaper has been in both clans amity and hope. Sadly he left/got kicked 2 times. Now its revenge time? Still wondering when you will hit the 13 age limit ( needed to post on this forums kk). For the rest keep spreading rumors you only making us famous <3.

    and another thing... Why you waste your time on a movie like this, turks ksing nothing new as far as i know. ( dont generalize this, allot of good turks too.)

    I posted this video Becuz I wanted everyone to know On how Eslant Has became Regaurdless everyone was still ksing, It just shows on how Shitty the GM`s have become

    "I dont know why, The only people bitching are from Hope, And amity lolz???[/b]

    Who made this topic with the intention to bitch? heh.

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    iwouldnt play ko if ihad +7 stuff, like ur raptor

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