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MINORING Last movie

This is a discussion on MINORING Last movie within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; as others said, nice VSs as others said, yet an other sin vs vid .... not my type .....boring after ...
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    from the only place where u'll be able to listen the true Minimal


    as others said, nice VSs
    as others said, yet an other sin vs vid .... not my type .....boring after a few.
    as others said, easy play with that Hw.
    as u said, it makes life easier.
    as u said, u made a sort of pk vid. dunno if the one found in your tube chan was the one u linked above, but that was all but a gg pk session. Tbh, I closed it when i saw eskrima used on people [without wearing a shining ammo] that were mining.
    as i say..that's just my opinion.

    as u said, your pc does not handle pk+fraps....
    as i say, fine but u should upgrade your powersupply or go get an average that your pc wont suffer so much and will live longer too. Each of them would cost the same as your mouse or a few money more.
    as u said, "...noob why? because you cant buy one? [ ..the mouse] "
    as i say, can't u spend 30$ for that fresh new vid card?

    as u said "lol. i used to play with 3x minors when we had no cool down."
    as i say, better u do not say something like that. 1, 2, 3 , even if u had 8 minors it wont make any real difference. The reason that made u feel to heal better by pressing 2/3 buttons [all of them setted with minor heal] is becouse of a better timing;that's totally subjective and depends from your fingers. each one of which cant press a button faster enough. So, u needed 3 fingers and 3 buttons for doing the job made by one. [1]
    But ehi, dont get me wrong..if it worked for u..that's ok

    as u said " play with hp pots, it just sucks i dont like that shit, rogues have to be only minor"
    as i say, bull.. [2]
    as u said "..and the only way to do it now is either with gamming mouse or pedal" [3]
    as i was going to say, ...bullshit...
    as i should have said,[about the vid],.... not bad, quite boring, but that mouse is deffo skilled. Dunno how long will it last against someone that does manual double potting.

    [ u said 3 bullshits, one after the other. And [@my eyes] regardless of the future vids u'll post.. i'll just ignore them.Not worth my time.nothing more than a random immature kid.Grow up dude...and i hope u wont need 3 fingers when u'll have the chance to play with a clit.]

    ps. dont get mad, [or well do it..i might understand it] nothing personal with the person of yours. I just do not share the way u feel the game and how u play it.
    Other than that, have fun and good game...after all it's a game and everyone plays it as he wishes.
    Tbh, nothing wrong about the title of the video. it does not really talk about your "skills". Anyway, can't understand how people talk about the skills of yours, in that kind of vids. And even if i recognize u still have to press the right skills at the right time, come on... i bet people pretend to see something more than that; especially from a 7 yeard old-career as sin; really, at least some cool pk sessions with not just the DB/cp+spike trust runn like hell away and repeat actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverMinor View Post
    you are just a dumbass dude. shut the hell up unless you know me.

    Euro PVP JuliusGaiusCaesaR Combo Show - YouTube

    thats me on my keyboard stupid fag. i admit i have a gamming mouse because im not fake, it doesnt mean i cant play on my keyboard you piece of shit. stfu and stop commenting shits if you don't even know me stupid dumbass. i have 8 years playing as rogue and i have this mouse few months ago and i just got it for the cooldown. stfu faggot i can beat you anytime , anyday.
    haha did i hit a nerve? L2P then start talking crap , i could care less bout all the videos you post .Macro is macro kid

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    i dont need the macro son i do it for confortablity and @inarco , you are right in some parts, you just dont feel like we do, most of us do, i can totally play with hp pots and stuff, it justs sucks ;/ anyways ill be back with my old things sooner or later thats for sure. and the pk movie is on my mind but i need a better computer for it. and right now college is the only thing i am investing in. thanks anyways for the comment.

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    Ive always wondered how is it possible for the rogues I meet in ard or I just saw in movies to minor, run by clicking and attacking.. its impossible without minoring mouse or pedal, or is it? Anybody to set me right?

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    Full vs video, bored

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