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MOVIE ~ Warrior Ares <]---------

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    Bull shit u faking scammer,duppper and trickster and i dont gonna stop becouse u begin it...
    if u do shits like in this prive then u can do same shit in USKO B)[/b]
    LOL ROFL OMFG i can see you new player in USKO noob , many but many players knows Genkku , this account is more than 3 years , never didnt scam in USKO never didnt dupe in USKO , never no KOXP , never not cheats at all , lol you fucking dumb hahaha you make me laugh , you can ask KranitNova i sold him 2 chitins +8 long time ago and more we did 2 trades and i didnt scammed him , i could took 35GB w/o give him the 2 chitins , now shut the hell up you even dont know what you say...go back KOSS noob...

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