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Uhm...im really shocked...but i think he didn't scam u...u put in merchant giga and he buy it */end
You learn something that day in arena...

I hope u re-make a giga+8 bb
Do you honestly believe a chicken head was legitly walking around arena with 1billion coins, had no idea what a giga was, and 1second after i merchant it, buys it?

YES, its my fault, im an idiot for merchanting it...but this guy intentionly fooled me into merchanting giga so he could scam me.

To coolboy, no i traded my raptor and other stuff for an IN.

Countess, zamerith didn't buy it.

Tez, don't flame zamerith, this is 100% nothing to do with him.

Had fun on the anvil trying to get a new weapon/item to sell B)
17 x Glave+7
1 x Raptor+7 (with trina)
3 x Harpoon+7
5 x Mirage Dagger+7

I guess K2 don't want me to have another +8 ^_^[/b]
We thought he meant Zamerith. I :wub: Zammy ok ?