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SlowMoKilla's 1st PK Vid

This is a discussion on SlowMoKilla's 1st PK Vid within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; u see 2 warrior and 1 mage, and u go for the warriors.. 4/10 for that...
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    u see 2 warrior and 1 mage, and u go for the warriors..

    4/10 for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikey144 View Post
    again, u need variety, else u will just get low ratings/'flamed'

    you need to have all in 1 vid.
    ie. party. solo. duo. vs. and good editing is a BIG thing.

    i mean, i would still watch all of salmins pk vids even if he was the worst sin on the server because his editing is amazing.

    and about that 1 vs 1 vid. i would like to vs u with rentals and questies

    1.) Thanks for the advice guys n gals.

    2.) I cant use Rentals im FP build and I red boxed all my questies and I dont think u can redo those quests.

    3.) I cant help it if I 1-2 hit People... Im always chasing cause noone likes to stay and donate NPs.

    4.) I had tunnel vision on those warriors lol

    5.) I will edit better and try to get more VSs / solo along with Team PK in the next Vid so keep the advice coming.
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