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some nub scene of best sin ever "me" :D

This is a discussion on some nub scene of best sin ever "me" :D within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by FuriousKo how does a pk video prove any thing? the fact that i havent made a pk ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousKo View Post
    how does a pk video prove any thing? the fact that i havent made a pk video doesn't mean im not good just another way to prove you're brain dead. in fact i dont need the "reinsurance" of making a pk video to prove to others that im good cause i know im skilled. i understand that you're insecure and need others to boost your confidence cause you have nothing else going for you in life except your clan in ko which btw gets owned by every turk clan on the server and integrity.
    I need others to boost my confidence? tell me
    where do you live? in which planet? everyone there are retarded like you?
    I'm the last one all over this forum who needs anyone to boost his confidence.

    No one said you are bad player, my opinion is just that you are not more than average player while you talking about EVERY SINGLE video you see out there
    and calling people unskilled.

    I have nothing else going on in my life? are you serious now?
    listen to me you mrvirginkid, lets say that at the moment you, yes especially you. Can't say anything about my life.
    All you do is sitting in front of your computer all the day and provoking people OVER A VIRTUAL GAME and trying to make flame wars
    so tell me, who got nothing going on in his life exactly?

    And once again, I'm proving in every single post that you are just retarded.
    "How does a pk video prove anything", who said it does? I'm just speaking in way you understand because you will never understand other way.
    You calling people unskilled based on their PK videos, so tell me "how does a pk video prove anything?"

    retarded asshole gtfo already , go find some friends.

    edit : oh I forgot, you don't have even virtual firends.

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    whats wrong you seem extra mad today did your dad not touch you in your special place?

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    Another topic closed due to useless bullshit.

    Grow the fuck up
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