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The Warrior Session

This is a discussion on The Warrior Session within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by Doshin I agree with your thought on the cursed weapon it does help out alot only if ...
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    no one knows.


    Quote Originally Posted by Doshin View Post
    I agree with your thought on the cursed weapon it does help out alot only if you have the right one, I mean if your vrsing and you have the cursed weapon that has the no tp skill it really doesn't help you. But in my case every vrs i had there I was either fully duffed except for the vrs with crazy quiver and he is leve 83 . so i think it was perfectly fair for me to be duffed and them not...

    Ares is home of the +10 and +9 armors and weapons, look me up and see what I wear +8 shell. Next time when I see a character running towards me I will ask them if its okay that I use my Chaos Baal before Vrs lol.
    ugh im currently sharing with a lvl 80 warrior on Ionia(FrozenSoul) everytime i kill someone in CZ with chaos baal i either get pmed or some crap "noob baal, noob use baal". so i always tell them "im sorry next time ill make sure we have rules when pvping because god knows without your rules the mafia is going to kick my door down and delete my baal from existence". not bad vid and yeh ares is nothing but supergeared.

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    this day of csw u have done nice np xD

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    We will miss the green side, it was fun ty all BadCompany Has Moved to the cleaner side of the planet... Have fun all

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