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Kailean once again might be retarded. RichPich used to be human, didn't he? He used the tower bug all the time w/ St.Lupincerio or w/e his name is, which explains how he has so much np. RichPich was in TheLast for about a week before he left. So if he managed to get a +4 WE from TheLast in a week, I am really quite amazed, does HQ even spawn that many times in one week? If it doesit must drop a WE everytime it spawns in which TheLast clan is there to kill it every single time it spawned because no other clans bother to boss hunt. That must be the explaination, along with NTL's + 9 shells which only glow like +7s and his +3 uniques but he still manages to hit me for less than other warriors such as comboshow(not flaming comboshow, he just hits me pretty hard w/ w/e +8 weapon he pulls out of his ass :-))
<3 u as much as them lolz :lol: