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wtf is this for weird thing?

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    more scrolls more money to k2 , simple

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    merchant scroll is waste

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    I think its just to catch the people running around moradon's attention to make them look at there merchant and see what they are selling, seems like it worked since everyone is around him looking at his items/merchant, yes its a waste of money but if you have the money to spend 5 bucks i guess.... then it seems to work if people can spot his merchant out since its bright... waste of money ? yes of course, but some people can waste the money and if it helps benefit them for selling items then why not I guess. With all the regular merchants you get this isnt exactly right but bare with me on this, you will get about 200 people look at your merchant over night if its just the regular looking one since they all look the same and so many of them, but if your is bright and orange everyone notices it and then you get triple the amount of views so now instead of 200 people your getting 600 people looking at your items over night.... higher your change of getting money I suppose. Only reason why I can see this being invented into the game.[/b]

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    KO = waste if u think about it -.-

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