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Xaeroo v's IamVisageR 1v 1

This is a discussion on Xaeroo v's IamVisageR 1v 1 within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; who says xaero is a good guy? he is one of the most known dupers in diez server banned a ...
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    who says xaero is a good guy? he is one of the most known dupers in diez server banned a few times always got the chance to get others accounts and keep duping or getting ilegal items(who says gm's contacts?)

    i have no idea who is the other guy but if he beats xaero he might have a really nice items for sure.

    13 k hp? hehe pathetic

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    prolly WaSaBi, HolyDreamZ playin on it atm
    +9 chitin set and +9 giga ftw xD[/b]
    First of all his name is IamVillager...
    Second its not WaSaBi or Holydreamz or smn.Its Villager.Its other guy.I know him from real life so I can ensure on him.
    Third he is not using items like these.ok babas?

    I'm pretty sure you mean IAmVillager, and they are both pretty duped tbh. IAmVillager has +20 chitins and full +3..
    xaeroo has +8/9 stuff but +3 uniques. Soo..Dunno.[/b]
    I think he got chitins +30 tbh

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    yup XeaRoo is good guy, skilled warrior ..... nice on 1v1 but sometime he uses Turk skills to hide inside rock, tree or some other object that we cannt attk him :lol: :lol: :lol:
    That isnt KOXP, Just run up the pole thingy. And you fall under. Its simple :P

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    xaroo is a duping turk who needs 4 priests to keep himself alive, fighting him in 1vs1 doesnt count. and iamvisager, never heard of him[/b]

    not only turks need 4 priest to keep them alive and fully debuff a mage whos alone... Wont call names (not u undefined) But most of the people know who im talking about

    and cohen thats a bug not koxp.

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