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Game start collect cryptocurrency

This is a discussion on Game start collect cryptocurrency within the Off Topic forums, part of the Entertainment category; To collect cryptocurrency such as: BTC, Doge, LTC and Dash. The game consists in activating the mission. You can activate ...
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    Default Game start collect cryptocurrency

    To collect cryptocurrency such as: BTC, Doge, LTC and Dash. The game consists in activating the mission. You can activate one or several depending on how much energy you have. The mentioned energy flows every 10 minutes. Rewards for completed missions depend on the course of cryptocurrency. To acquire higher levels, better prizes and longer missions can last up to 2 days. The daily gift whose rewards are multiplied with each subsequent login day. Daily lottery to win about 10,000 satoshi. In addition, currency exchange at the current exchange rate. The website is constantly being developed and further cryptocurrencies have been announced: ETH and BCH. I am inviting the solvent service, I checked and recommended. You can easily reach a limit of 400,000 Litoshi for withdrawal. On which page and how much time do you spend on such a result? In my opinion, this is the best paid game of this type for cryptocurrency.

    Here is the page where players send their payment confirmations to show that the website is actually solvent:

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