When thinking about mechanical watches, many people will think of the price is quite expensive, however, today's article will introduce you to the top 3 cheap mechanical watches from luxury brands Orient and Citizen. but for less than 5 million, you already own a mechanical watch with top quality.
3 Topwatch models will introduce you to all of the dress-watch series. If you still don't know what a dress-watch is, Topwatch will explain it shortly.
What is the dress-watch concept?
Dress-watch is a term for watches that have a bit of a classic feel, and often aren't suitable for every outfit and every situation. Dress-watch will usually suit elegant gentlemen, office men often suit, then this is a more perfect choice.
Although a bit classic, traditional, but today's dress-watch watches have been stylized by modern leather straps instead of the common metal bands, so young men middle, dynamic favorite dress-watch style can still look without any contrast in style.
Introducing the top 3 models of cheap men's mechanical watches dress-watch line
1. Orient FDBAD005W0 cheap men's mechanical watch
Has a unique rectangular face design, with scratch-resistant tempered glass, 316L stainless steel case material, revealing the fan-shaped machine, striking purple needle, this is indeed a copper Men's watches are cheap but the quality they bring is outstanding.
2. Orient FAC00009W0 cheap mechanical men's watch
Still a modern leather strap design, but this watch is designed with a round face, the number on the watch instead of the usual Latin number is replaced by the large Roman numerals that stand out on the white dial. , suitable for gentlemen with elegant style, love the classic, traditional.
3. Citizen mechanical watches cheap NH8353-00H
Finally, a watch from the Citizen house. Right from the first glance, the NH8353-00H has attracted a striking appearance with a luxurious brown-yellow tone, combined with a black dial with white motifs, this is really a mechanical watch for men. "national" dress-watch, can be suitable for all guys with different styles and ages.
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