Hi all! I am VingThor from the clan Arthur and his Knights.We are now taking on new members! We prefer that the new members be 50 & above , but 4 dedicated people , exeptions may be made. :P We are very clan orientated & goal minded. We have come to know eachother pretty well & want honest, fun-loving , KILLERZ! Feel free to check out our web-page & leave a message in our comment section at :
Please be considerate of your fellow clan member and people in general. You can take out any frustrations on Monsterz!! We help out ALL our fellow-clannies with quests , items , etc. We DONT want people who just join to lvl-up a few times & leave. We are LOYAL to eachother , & expect the same. Hope you can join us & "Feast on The Dead" ~VingThor~
Ps , I would like to thank KO4LIFE for this post.