So tell me again why are you wasting your time on a KO forum?
I dont get it... i know the problems with the game.. i still choose to stay coz i dont wanna start over again in a new game and i love the people i play with ...

Wanna shoot me for that? Come on now i dont get it why must you unnecessarily fly off the handle calm down and let people do what they wanna do...[/b]
Sure, I'll keep it brief though.

1. It's not like this is the only forum I go to, obviously I am still here because of the other sub forums and I know a lot of the people from ko that I now play other games with, so my decision to browse here is still a good idea. It's not like I'm the only person that quit ko and is still browsing these forums, so your comment is extremely irrelevant.

2. You are playing a doomed game and you know. People should be in control of their lives instead of hopelessly letting others control it. A better way to make sense of this analogy is that your character is a combination of money and time. You know that if you get hacked or sneezed on by a Turk (lol), that you are fucked. K2 doesn't care about you and will not help you. You and your friends are just wasting your time, your character are just a ticking time bomb, the longer you play, the more you have to lose.

3. That comment "you should all be shot" was not to be taking literal. It was just a subjective statement I used to express what should happen to enlighten you about ko since you won't learn but the hard way.