Well I'm not sure if this would be possible in online forum in general but here it goes.
As you know people like to spam
It can very simple like +1
+1 , +2 +162626*spam*
Gz etc

So to help ease down on spamming,

When people would like to agree (+1), Congratulate (gz) and etc

instead of people replying or quoting the original msg.
Add a button where people simply click and next to the "" quote button of the original post, ie; +1, -1 , Gz
There be a section, like a sig, where it say
"people who agree, disagree and who would like to congratulate" under the sig of the original post.

Just thought this be a nice feature ... also

To help ease loading, can we disable quoting msg wit large picture or render them even smaller or not show at all just a link.
It gets annoying when people quote a msg wit lots of large picture and with a tiny comment.
Such a bandwidth killer.