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This is a discussion on tHeUnBeAtAbLe within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; I'm posting this for tHeUnBeAtAbLe... his words... I would like to keep it short and simple so I don't bore ...
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    Default tHeUnBeAtAbLe

    I'm posting this for tHeUnBeAtAbLe... his words...

    I would like to keep it short and simple so I don't bore you with one of my usual long posts. So I'm usually the type that doesn't give up... especially when it comes to something that I know I'm righteous about. However having people constantly post for me, no matter how many topics I open up, it would only get overlooked by Cama as he was pretty much controlling the forum for the past few months. All I can say is he certainly has a thing for me.

    If you want specifics on what happened, here is the topic . After trying out to show him what he did wrong, I saw that it was useless. The best solution for me was to ask a friend junior mod to contact one of the admins, but apparently no respoonse was recieved. So hopefully with you being active now, this could recieve some attention and an answer would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyways I would just like an answer from you.... honestly not even a temporary ban lasts almost 2 months, which it has been so far.

    ps. I was also one of the people that recieved a perma infraction... guess who... Cama.

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    I took the time to review your case and even read that whole thread.

    Let's clear some things about what you said. I'm not sure if cama contacted mee about your case, but he definitely didnt contact me so I wouldn't unban you. Hell, I dont know if he even has my contact details since I've been MIA for months. There's one particular rule I always follow among admins/mods and is to never undo the work of another admin/mod without his authorization, so he didnt have to contact me for that matter. Unless it's an obvious mistake, I never touch bans from other admins/mods.

    Also, this forum is not the army where a Junior mod will get in trouble if he questions a Senior mod or an admin. Anyone can get in trouble if they fuck up, no matter what title they have. As for cama, he may not be the perfect guy and I don't expect him to be. I'm grateful for having him aboard, helping with the forum and pretty much doing my job and mickey's when we were not around. I stand by him and support his decisions 100%. That doesn't mean I blindly accept everything he does. If I see he does something wrong, I will touch base with him to discuss the problem.

    That said, I think he did the right thing in your case and u very well deserved your ban. U even recognize that you have deserved most of your infractions, so what did you expect? That we should give you infractions forever? It's clear you dont care about infractions and something more severe needed to be done. Was a perm ban (u dont have a temp ban) the solution, maybe, maybe not, but that was cama's decision and I respect that.

    If you want to get unbanned, talk to him in a civilized way. He is a reasonable man, eventho you think he has a "thing" for you. MSN, email, IRC, etc. I appologize for not answering any of this before, but wasnt checking this the forum or my pms for months.

    As for infractions with no expiration or other punishments that are over 1 month, I'm working on those already with the mods. Basically reviewing the whole infraction system so it makes more sense and its more effective.

    If there's anything else you want to add, please do it in this thread and not other threads. I'm active now and plan to remain that way for a while. No need to hijack other topics to get my attention.

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    Free Unbeatable ! Do it !
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    I suppose if he were to be unbanned it would only be a matter of time before he would be rebanned.

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    Zealous, more then likely, yes.

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