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This is a discussion on well About Moderators from market section within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; Im from Ares so '' Ares Market Section '' , i never had a problem with Ratnik or Vandy but ...
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    Im from Ares so '' Ares Market Section '' , i never had a problem with Ratnik or Vandy but after Blackbreed changed to the market moderator every thing changed. well my story about Blackbreed the rules arent usefull because hes only banning peoples that he dont like or peoples that dont want sell him items for usd. hes editing and banning not even warning hes banning them for 7 days, DerKapeike got banned twice with his own topic because peoples gonna flame like ur famous babashoper '' hes not '' and what u do when someone call u a babashoper? u flame back so they both got banned, the Blackbreed rule say dont flame in his market section otherwise u will be banned
    seriously its a game and not the army dunno how its on the other market section? any problems?`
    i pmed Felix but they are all to bussy to do anything and for sure im playing for 5 years right now but this is kindergarden shit
    i know my english isnt that good but everyone know that flaming is everywhere so to blackbreed u can bann this account i dont care but for sure ur big on the forum cause ur the moderator but peoples that know u in real life catch u up and thats all what i hope, god said everything will come back thats all what i can say to that

    cheers and sorry if u arent interested in reading this shit topic

    im out of this forum bb

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    I will tell you like i told derka about his attitude twords blackbreed. Yall start shit with blackbreed just because he is leader of a clan everyone hates because they are considered some of the best clans on the server if not the best. When i modded Ares i played in Vindi too but i never got any problems with yall except for you when i warned you skate about a item you tryed selling and you said "oh cooltang is breaking rule you not going to tell him nothing?" Guess what i did though and you know this, I warned cooltang.

    Danny does not abuse his powers. How do i know? Because i know how he mutes/bans people.

    You can quit this forum, thats one less person giving Blackbreed trouble for nothing.

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    we been watching the ares market for over 3 months and our research has found that all these complaints come from the same group of people from the same clan make these complaints . So if your out of the forums please take the rest of your clan with you


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