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whats the diffrent between knowledge base and question section?

This is a discussion on whats the diffrent between knowledge base and question section? within the Feedback forums, part of the General category; as title say...
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    as title say

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    the knowledge base should contain things already known, question section is for things to be found out.... i guess ^_^

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("camaz0tz")</div>
    why is the knowledge base even still around? it is in no way different from gamehelp section

    its original purpose was to put all ANSWERED topics from game help into knowledge base, so there would be a section with tons of ANSWERED questions there, so people could search that topic and get all the answers they need so there wouldnt be any reposts in gamehelp section

    but since no mod wanted to put that much effort into organizing the two sections, the section has turned into a duplicate of the gamehelp section...actually even worse because people tend to ask the same question in BOTH sections, as well as teh question already been answered previously in gamehelp section

    i vote delete knowledge base dry.gif or have th emods stop being lazy and fix it so its how it shoudl be[/b]

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    Ever found yourself needing something answered on Knight Online? Is something you&#39;re experiencing a true bug or is it just one of those glitches that K2 never fixes?

    Well, to answer all those questions, ko4life is starting the Knight Online Knowledge Base.

    Here, you can submit all the random facts about Knight Online that you&#39;ve ever thought of, and when we&#39;ve decided there have been enough facts, we&#39;ll compile them into a searchable database for everyone to look in, and have questions (hopefully) easily answerable. So, there&#39;s no such thing as spam here (except blatantly-spam topics), just post all the information you can muster up about Knights Online, even things you might think are obvious (like Select Character is disabled, or Rebirth items cannot be un-rebirthed, or that the Chaotic Generator lights different colors based on the grade of item you got).

    So have fun![/b]


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