Is Recruiting

We're an Ardream clan
So Obviously were only accepting players 60-
57-59 preferrably

Little bit of info about us:

At the moment clan is based around 3-4 melees and 1 priest.
So were definately looking to expand,
We're looking for all classes and all builds.

We don't expect anyone joining to be suepr geared.
But we're not going to invite people who r going to die in 1-2 hits.
Basically we need people who are pk oriented,
know what to do and when to do it.
I don't expect you to have the best attitude in the world.
Just respect other clannies.
Ventrillo and a mic is not a must.
but we have our own Server and Vent makes things 10x easier.

After reading this if ur interested reply in this format:
~~~~~~~~~COPY THIS FORM~~~~~~~~~~

In Game Name:
Do You Have a Mic:
Past Characters:
where you from?:

If u decide you want in theres a few people in game u can contact.

TainT - Me - Clan Leader
Ardream - Assist
PaperCuts - Assist
Audacity - Assist