well as topic says i am looking for anyone that will accept me as a sharer o_0

what i can provide as a sharer:
- i can buy kc for anything when ever u can't
- i can buy vpn but u will need to help me out with this never did it before
- i am bored as fuck after i am done work so i can be on the account for 8+hrs if need be
- i can play any class but i mostly like either warrior/ or priest

i may not be that known anywhere but i am very trustable

ok some stuff about me:
name is Matthew
from canada
i am 21
i got vent/mic/ts either or ( not scared to talk to ppl )
i am very friendly person
i work 7-10hrs a day get 2 days off a week

i havnt played usko for like forever but i have been playing some private servers every now and again so i am not rusty at all ( and dont say private servers are lame cause its skill>items on every private server u play well its like that on the private server i play so ya :P) well if u have any questions just add me to msn and we can talk

[email protected]