Greetings from Offline (Ares)

I have played some servers but I got banned with no reason ^^ than I started Ares and I leaved on Ares.. So First of all I started this game on Diez with Diez_E.. a few months later kenjuro banned us as i sad with no reason than We start Beramus Fear_E I had very good position on Beramus but again Kenjuro banned us with no reason..
I think all know i was leave the game 7 or 8 months ago. While I was leaving I realy hate knight online coz dupe bug kosp babashoppers tbl users etc etc..
A few days ago my friend told me something about new server I thought for that and I decided to start on new server.. so my friends list..

LanS from Beramus He is best mage I ever seen
Hitmachine Maybe he will come he is not sure
Hotsauce He is not sure too
Lord_Mozart I think everyone know him
Wendigo Old one from Ares
Arenita Sexy Priest
Sou1slayer Noob warrior
Subzero Noob priest
JulioBr Crayz warrior
KingLeonidas Priest

and I hope we will find some old friends in new server

Diez_E, Fear_E, Offline...