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[Ares] DLW archer/priest clan

This is a discussion on [Ares] DLW archer/priest clan within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Well, i like the clan model set up by :::ARCHERS::: so I want to make a similar clan for DLWs ...
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    Default [Ares] DLW archer/priest clan

    Well, i like the clan model set up by :::ARCHERS::: so I want to make a similar clan for DLWs and DCZ on my rogue since i just reskilled to archer and I'm wondering around from pointless clan to no clan, lol.

    Classes needed:
    1) Priests (Buffers are a must, but debuffers/healers are most welcomed as well)
    2) a couple of mages for tp
    3) and, this may come as a shock, archers :blink:

    Since its for pk parties mostly (or for good lvling parties till we get high enough lvl to pk) in the lvl 30-59 wars/colony zone, the level range i'm looking for is at least 45 up to 59, if you plan to go above 59 this probably wont be a good clan for you. My archer is 52, so I need to do some leveling myself, so for a while I'd be doing some leveling/exp questing parties.

    People type needed:
    1) interested in pk
    2) sense of humor is a plus
    3) speak english- for pk we would need to use vent, so if we say "too many orcs, town it!" and you're going "selam?" it might not work out. Its nothing against foreigners, i dont care where you're from as long as you can comunicate in a primarily english-speaking clan. And actually I prefer people who are above the anti-turk crowd, and i certainly do not want any clan i'm in to get a reputation for being obnoxious rectum-holes to people for no reason.
    4) use ventrilo*. Or if everyone uses teamspeak AND someone has a server we can use, thats cool too.
    5) people who can respect clanmates at least, but i'd prefer people who can respect everyone.

    *I'm pretty sure i can get a vent server we can use.

    Since unless some people are interested there wont be a clan, i wont bother drawing up a full clan rules list yet.

    This post is to see if there would be some people interested in such a clan, it hasnt been made yet, so if some people are interested we can get together and agree upon a name.

    If you think you meet the above requirements and would be interested to join such a clan, please post here.

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    Actually, I'm going to start working on quitting this internet life I've gotten myself and drastically cut down on the time I spend on KO--or any video game for that matter--so I cant start a new clan.

    Feel free to continue this post and have someone else make the clan if you like the idea. Good luck.


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