The clan ChaoticWarLords has finally been created . This clan is a level 50+ clan and it currently has 9 members in it so far. This clan is an English speaking clan and is on the Karus side. I am the leader of this clan, my user name is IXxxSINxxXI and I would be very interested to talk to anyone who is interested. If interested, please send me a Private message on the forums, or game, or send me a letter. If you catch me online in person you can talk to me then as well. This clan is a clan for members. Saying this, I mean that it is not a selfish clan. This clan makes sure that it brings the best out in everyone by doing hunts with each other, quests, missions, leveling, player killing, and other various things. If you are not a team player we would not be interested in having you in the clan, no matter how high your level is. If interseted in joining please contact me or our first assistant in the clan, IxxXDiabloXxxI.

Thank you,